GoVirtual360 Privacy Policy

Updated on November 1st, 2020

GoVirtual360 Inc provides Services through web pages and GoVirtual360 apps to you subject to this Privacy Policy, its Terms of Use, and its other policies. GoVirtual360 may change this Privacy Policy at any time. By continuing to access or use GoVirtual360 Services, you accept any changes or revisions to this Privacy Policy.


1. Information Available in GoVirtual360 Services

GoVirtual360 aggregates publicly available information from company web pages, university web pages, news pages, public social network profiles, publication databases, patent databases, and other public sources (“Public Information”). This Public Information is available to public directly from those sources (even without GoVirtual360). GoVirtual360 does not verify and cannot guarantee the accuracy of this Public Information. For certain social network websites, GoVirtual360 will only get and show information if users provided corresponding login credentials. It is a user’s responsibility to validate and revise his own profile information in GoVirtual360 Apps (including GoVirtual360 Android App, GoVirtual360 IOS App and GoVirtual360 Web App).

2. Opt in/out Policy for the Attendee List on the GoVirtual360 Apps

GoVirtual360 supports three different policies on whether an attendee is listed in the event attendee list on GoVirtual360 Apps. Event organizers can decide which policy to apply to their events in GoVirtual360 Apps and it is the event organizers’ responsibility to make their attendees (users) be aware of the policy.
Please note that regardless of opt in/out policy, attendees’ contact information (e.g. emails, phone numbers) is not disclosed to other attendees unless users explicitly exchange their contact information via GoVirtual360 Apps.

  • a) Under this policy, attendees (minus some VIPs selected by organizers) are listed in the attendee list on GoVirtual360 Apps to help foster pre-event networking. If a user does not want his/her name and profile to be listed and viewed by other attendees, he/she needs to explicitly opt themselves out by changing the visibility setting on the Setting menu to be “invisible”.
  • b) Policy 2: Opt-in once sign-in. Under this policy, once an attendee signs in to GoVirtual360 Apps, his/her name will be listed in the attendee list of this event to facilitate networking. They can still become invisible by changing the visibility setting on the Setting menu. If an attendee never signs in to GoVirtual360 Apps, his/her name is not listed.
  • c) Policy 3: Explicit Opt-in. Under this policy, once an attendee signs in to GoVirtual360 Apps, he/she is explicitly asked whether he/she wants to be listed in the attendee list for other attendees to network with him/her. Based on the answer, his/her initial visibility status will be set to “visible” or “invisible”, and he/she can still switch between the two by changing it on the Setting menu. If an attendee never signs in to GoVirtual360 Apps, his/her name is not listed.

3. Remove Your Information from GoVirtual360 Services

You have a choice to remove your information from GoVirtual360 services by contacting us at After verification (we will need you to verify that you are removing your own information instead of others), we remove your information from GoVirtual360 Service. Note that since GoVirtual360 collects information from Internet, having information removed from GoVirtual360 Service does not mean that it is removed from its original data sources. In the GoVirtual360 app, user can also validate and revise his own profile.

4. Personal Data GoVirtual360 Collects

  • a) GoVirtual360 Services collects information about your usages. This may include information about any IP address used to access GoVirtual360 Services and your activities on GoVirtual360 Services. This is intended to help us improving GoVirtual360 Services to give users better experience.
  • b) GoVirtual360 collects information that you provide in creating an account at GoVirtual360 Services. This may include information such as your name, email address, social network sign- in. We do not provide your information to any third party (subject to Section 5 below).
  • c) GoVirtual360 allows you to retain and access Your search history and bookmark profiles on selected GoVirtual360 Services. You may delete one or all at any time when GoVirtual360 Services are available. GoVirtual360 does not share your history and bookmarks with any third party (subject to Section 5 below).
  • d) Certain functionalities of GoVirtual360 Services require you to enter Personal Data to access your accounts with third-party websites, such as third-party social networks and websites. Your third-party login credentials will be stored for your convenience of continuously accessing the third party information upon your requests. We do not use this information for any other purpose. Your third-party login credentials are hashed and stored with the strictest security standards.

5. Use and Sharing of Personal Data

  • a) GoVirtual360 may use Personal Data you provide to GoVirtual360 Services to create and maintain your account, to personalize your experience, and to send email communications relating to GoVirtual360 Services. GoVirtual360 does not sell, exchange, transfer, or give this type of Personal Data to any other company without your consent.
  • b) GoVirtual360 may use Personal Data about your use of GoVirtual360 Services to improve our services. GoVirtual360 may also use personal data with 3rd parties services and technologies as described below:
  • Monitoring services, such as Google Analytics, to assist GoVirtual360 in improving our quality of service.
  • Cloud hosting providers, such as AWS, to ensure service availability and permanent storage
  • As a result, information about how you use GoVirtual360 Services may be available to these other companies such as Google to the extent that their technology collects such information for GoVirtual360’s use. GoVirtual360 actively protects your usage anonymity and does not distribute personally identifiable information about your use of GoVirtual360 Services to any third parties other than as described above.
  • c) GoVirtual360 reserves the right to disclose Personal Data to third parties if required to do so by law, or if GoVirtual360 has a good faith belief that disclosure is necessary to (1) comply with legal process served on us; (2) protect and defend our rights or property; (3) act in an emergency to protect someone’s safety.
  • d) GoVirtual360 reserves the right to transfer Personal Data to any successor in interest to the GoVirtual360’s business.
  • e) The Privacy Policy describes GoVirtual360’s handling of personally identifiable information as required by the California Online Privacy Protection Act.

6. Children’s Privacy

  • a) GoVirtual360 Services is directed to people who are at least 18 years old, and GoVirtual360 does not knowingly collect Personal Data from anyone under the age of 18. If You are aware that GoVirtual360 has collected Personal Data from someone under the age of 18, please alert GoVirtual360 at and the information will be removed from our system as soon as is reasonably possible. This policy regarding collection of data from children exceeds the requirements of the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act.
  • b) GoVirtual360 does not knowingly aggregate or provide Public Information about people under the age of 18. GoVirtual360’s email search may return Public Information about children between the ages of 13 and 18 because this Public Information originates from third-party social networking sites and websites that permit children who are 13 years and older to create public profiles.

7. Security

We have tried our best in removing any possible security holes in our released browser extensions and apps, but since it is hard to 100% verify software, we cannot provide 100% guarantee that GoVirtual360 Services has zero security vulnerability. GoVirtual360 is not responsible for any security issues caused by GoVirtual360 Services.


If you are attending or organizing an event in EU, you have to read the privacy policy specified in the following Sections.  If you do not agree to this policy, do not use GoVirtual360.

8.1. The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

In May 2018, a new data privacy law known as the EU General Data Protection Regulation (or the “GDPR”) becomes effective. The GDPR requires GoVirtual360 and event organizers to provide the GoVirtual360 users with more information about the processing of their Personal Data.

8.2. Legal grounds for processing your Personal Data

The GDPR requires us to tell you about the legal ground we’re relying on to process any Personal Data about you. The legal grounds for us processing your Personal Data include:

  • you provided your consent;
  • it is necessary for our contractual relationship;
  • the processing is necessary for us to comply with our legal or regulatory obligations; and/or
  • the processing is in our legitimate interest to fulfill our service as an event organizing, content providing, and ticketing platform (for example, to provide you with customer service, and to protect the security and integrity of our systems, etc.).

8.3. GoVirtual360 as a data processor

EU data protection law makes a distinction between organizations that process Personal Data for their own purposes (known as “data controllers”) and organizations that process Personal Data on behalf of other organizations (known as “data processors”). If you have a question or complaint about how your Personal Data is handled, these should always be directed to the relevant data controller since they are the ones with primary responsibility for your Personal Data.

Where GoVirtual360 processes attendees’ Personal Data on behalf of Organizer as part of the Services, GoVirtual360 is a Data Processor in performing such Processing and Organizer is the Data Controller. This includes circumstances where GoVirtual360 obtains Personal Data as a result of the provision of its core event management services (for example, where GoVirtual360 authenticates attendees’ identity based on the attendee list that organizers uploaded to GoVirtual360, facilitates the transmission of emails to attendees at the request of Organizers, or provides event reports and tools to enable Organizers to gain insights into their attendees and the effectiveness of using the GoVirtual360 products).

GoVirtual360 merely provides an event engagement and management “tool” for Organizers; GoVirtual360 does not decide what Personal Data to request on registration forms, nor is it responsible for the continued accuracy of any Personal Data provided. Any questions that you may have relating to your Personal Data and your rights under data protection law should therefore be directed to the event organizers as the data controller, not to GoVirtual360.

We offer the ability for event organizers to email attendees directly through our platform. This functionality was built to send service-related emails specific to an organizer’s event attended by the recipient of such email. If an organizer wants to use this function, the organizer needs to secure his/her own compliant opt-in consents for the sending of such emails. GoVirtual360 does not do this on the organizer’s behalf.  

8.4. GoVirtual360 as a data controller

In respect of some processing of Personal Data, GoVirtual360 may act as a Data Controller, for example, where attendees have engaged with aspects of GoVirtual360’s application beyond those relating to organizers’ events, where event organizers and attendees directly provide the Personal Data about themselves as part of their account-creation process, or where Personal Data is processed by GoVirtual360 to conduct research and analysis to enable GoVirtual360 to improve its products and features (See Section 5(b) in the GoVirtual360 Privacy Policy).

8.5. Data Access and Data Deletion

Data protection law provides you with rights in respect of Personal Data that we hold about you, including the right to request a copy of the Personal Data, request that we rectify, restrict or delete your Personal Data, and unsubscribe from marketing communications.

GoVirtual360 app users can exercise these rights by editing their profiles on the GoVirtual360 app, as well as deleting messages or photos posted by them.  If you cannot find what you’re looking for, please contact us at Also, should one of your attendees ask you to have GoVirtual360 remove that attendee’s Personal Data from the GoVirtual360 system, please forward the request to us at Our support team may reach out to the user directly to confirm the request. Please note that requests to exercise data protection rights will be handled by us on a case-by-case basis. There may be circumstances where we are not legally required to comply with your request because of the laws in your jurisdiction or because of exemptions provided for in data protection legislation.

8.6. Transfers of Personal Data

We may need to transfer your Personal Data outside of the country from which it was originally provided. This may be GoVirtual360 or third parties (e.g. Amazon Cloud) that we work with who may be located in jurisdictions outside the EEA, Switzerland and the UK which have no data protection laws or laws that are less strict compared with those in Europe.

Whenever we transfer Personal Data outside of the EEA, Switzerland or the UK, we take legally required steps to make sure that appropriate safeguards are in place to protect your Personal Data. Such transfers will be made pursuant to the standard data protection clauses adopted by the Commission (EU Standard Contractual Clauses (Processors)).

In the event that EU authorities or courts determine that the transfer mechanism above is no longer an appropriate basis for transfers, GoVirtual360 and customer shall promptly take all steps reasonably necessary to demonstrate adequate protection for the Personal Data, using another approved mechanism.

8.7. Data Incident Notifications

In cases where we are a data controller over data accessed in an unauthorized manner, we will notify the affected users directly. When we are solely a processor of data, we will notify event organizers we determine to be most likely in contact with that individual around the time of a data incident involving the unauthorized access of that individual’s Personal Data.

9. Privacy Shield

We comply with the EU-US Privacy Shield regarding the collection, use and retention of personal information transferred from the EU and Switzerland.
If there is any conflict between the terms in this Policy and the Privacy Shield Principles, the Privacy Shield Principles shall govern.
As participating in the Privacy Shield, we are subject to the jurisdiction and enforcement powers of the US Federal Trade Commission. We may be liable for the onward transfer of personal data to a third-party agent, as described in the Privacy Shield Principles. Under certain circumstances, we may be required to disclose personal information to public authorities, for law enforcement purposes. To learn more about the Privacy Shield framework please visit:

9.1 Dispute

As a part of our participation in the Privacy Shield framework, we provide an alternative dispute resolver, JAMS (, in case we have not completely addressed your complaints. This service is free of charge. Under certain circumstances, you may have the right to invoke binding arbitration, as described in the Annex I of the Privacy Shield:

Contacting GoVirtual360

If you have any further questions regarding our privacy policy, please contact us to let us know at:

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