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The virtual market is growing at an unprecedented rate

GoVirtual360 is the premier provider of a comprehensive virtual solutions platform for vertical market tradeshows, corporate events, meetings, and uniquely immersive virtual tours, finally making it possible to BE EVERYWHERE!

Led by a group of technology and hospitality industry veterans with over 80 years of combined experience, GoVirtual360 leverages the most advanced and secure technologies to virtualize event environments and experiences; host full-featured conferences and meetings; archive and distribute on-demand content; and enable online collaboration and learning environments.

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Access a holistic platform that gives your team all of the needed tools to create rewarding events, while surfacing insights to help your events grow in ways you never thought were possible.

"Virtual events have helped us reach previously untapped audiences and create deeper connections, while increasing attendee engagement and the retention of event content.”

The virtual market is growing at an unprecedented rate

22% Market Growth

Analysts forecast the global virtual events market to grow at a CAGR of almost 22% during the forecast period (2017-2021), according to their latest report.

$86 Billion

The global virtual events market is expected to continue its rapid growth over the next 3 years and is expected to be valued at USD 86.37 billion by 2021

122% Incremental Growth

The Americas make up a majority of the growth, about 47% of the market share and will likely be responsible for a massive 122% of the incremental growth through the forecast period.

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